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Touched and Learned…


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I went home (tondo) just to have a different air to breathe. Looking for something to do i end up checking my brothers dvd rack, and saw that cd entitled “3 IDIOTS”. Out of nothing to do, i put it in the player and start watching. At first it was kinda confusing,then i laugh, cried, laugh again, cried again and in between i learned.

Yes, this movie made me realized the importance of making a choice, not as a result of what others would suggest you to do, but a choice of your own, a decision that will make you who you are in the future and will make you happy. I was inspired by the outlook of the main character, just learn things without the pressure of getting into the top or end up last on the list. Learn with your passion, live with it and you will not regret anything about it.

“Follow Excellence, and Success will Chase your Pants down”–3idiots