Money Matters


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Why do we need money? Of course it’s essential to let us purchase things we need and want. Money as they say keeps the world go round for some, for most unfortunate it’s the thing in the world they can’t easily have. For me it’s what I expect my partner will give every 15th and 30th day of the month. Yes his salary, for I don’t have my own, I’m just a plane mother who stays at home and watch over our kid.

Once I get the check I’ll have to sum up the payables and the expenses, doing such accounting is quite easy but learning how much you have to pay and how much left for you to spend for your necessities cause so much headaches. He is just a minimum wage earner but we need more than just the minimum. I have to work that’s  what my mind say, but I can’t leave my kid to just anyone else it will be a disaster she’s too stubborn and I am afraid no one can appease to her demands without getting irritated. Others probably thought I am being unreasonable, but that’s the truth I can’t leave her to her lola she can’t stand with her even for 15 minutes, she gets frustrated, tired and you’ll hear series of unsolicited complains. I can’t leave her to her Mamita, as much as she loves her so much but she also got work. I can’t trust a Yaya, I am afraid of the so many news regarding child abuses cause by yayas, I can’t let any hurt her or cause too much pain to her I could kill if that happens. But we need money, what can I do?

I was given an option to have an online job, but it will cost an amount of money to start. Then it comes again, how I will get a work when you need money to get a job. The cycle just keeps on going, where can I go? The so called Bombay is not an option for me to take, because I know if I do ill end just paying the interest all my life. I can’t ask a friend to lend me some money, I’m afraid they know I will have a hard time paying. Oh too much to think, too much burden to my already burdened life. Oh money why do I have to deal with you?


About Itsmerache

earned a degree in Bachelor of Science in Information Technology major in Management Information System. I was once a Technical writer of a software developing company, where I was exposed to software developing/ programming. I was once a Technical Support Representative, I gained knowledge of proper client handling and documentation of every transactions and do multitasking without sacrificing quality of service. I have skills in english communications(written/oral),good with PHP programming,database management(php/MysQL) knowledgeable of web designs,basic troubleshooting, online research,data entry and quality assurance.

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