May Patience Be with Me…


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She is too stubborn and I’m losing my patience. It’s very difficult, it’s very exhausting but I can’t complain I am her mother, and I need to be one. I love her so much that I am afraid she will grow with a very unpleasant attitude, but what I fear seems to be happening. For as long as I keep on reprimanding her it turns out she’s just getting worst. A very hard headed child, who wants to be followed all the time, I believe some mothers has same situation with mine. As what other would say she just got her mother’s attitude, I will agree with that for I am stubborn myself. I know she is just a child who needs constant understanding because she is just learning which is which and what is what. Exhausting as it seems but I entered this new phase of my life with open heart and mind, and I prepared myself for the possibilities of more chaos and laughter when growing a child. I know I am ready and I can do it.

I just need to calm when I am getting there in the peak of losing my patience for I know I could only hurt her, physically and emotionally. O dear God, please shower me with calmness, understanding, love and more patience because I love my daughter and I want to be a perfect mother she will ever have, I would want to hear any time in the future that she will say, “I am bless to have her as my mother”.


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earned a degree in Bachelor of Science in Information Technology major in Management Information System. I was once a Technical writer of a software developing company, where I was exposed to software developing/ programming. I was once a Technical Support Representative, I gained knowledge of proper client handling and documentation of every transactions and do multitasking without sacrificing quality of service. I have skills in english communications(written/oral),good with PHP programming,database management(php/MysQL) knowledgeable of web designs,basic troubleshooting, online research,data entry and quality assurance.

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  1. awww. this is heart-warming, rache. you’d never be able to understand your mother unless you become one. and this is the male species’ tragedy–we’ll never comprehend this feeling.
    i’m glad you’re writing. will add you to my roll.

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